Ask any Zune fan why the Zune is better than an iPod and you will get the same responses.  The sound is better.  The video is sharper.  While all valid reasons, one reason is often overlooked: accessories.  While I agree that the Zune could use a few more useful accessories, I love the fact that the market is not flooded with junk for the Zune.  So, here are 7 reasons (a.ka. “junky accessories”) why the Zune is better than the iPod:

iBig Box

iBig Box
A giant, inflatable boombox speaker dock.  I’d say more, but the picture manages to capture the awefulness so well.  Why ruin it?


iCarta iPod Toliet Paper Holder
An iPod near the crapper.  Some might call that “poetic justice”.


Yee-haw!  Got me a giant belt buckle for my iPod-thingy.


CEO Billfold Wallet
Some might say this is a great idea.  Just wait until you accidentally put it in your back pocket and sit on it.


Concerto Table
A table that looks like a piano.  And is an iPod dock.  And has built in speakers.  And costs $14,000.  See where I’m going with this?


Great idea until someone sees the cord coming out of your pants.  I suppose they could come in handy if you wanted to act out Tom Cruise’s famous scene from Risky Business.


iBreath Breathalizer
Attach it to your iPod and blow it.

The Zune is better because it will hopefully never have these things.  What items would you like to not see made available for the Zune?