Recently I purchased a Zune 30.  The Zune is my first media player, and I have quickly become addicted to it.  I listen to it all day at work.  I plug it into my receiver at home.  It has been loaded with a great deal of music, a number of music videos, a few movies, and every episode of an old TV show I used to watch (MTV’s Sifl and Olly Show– it’s crescent fresh!).  I can hardly wait to get the car kit so I can listen during my morning and afternoon commute.

Frequenting under the name “KiloVision”, I have found help for my issues.  In a show of good karma, I try to return the favor by helping those in need.  In that spirit, I decided to start Zunespace.  In the coming time, you will find articles, tutorials, and maybe a few DIY ideas that I hope you will find useful.  Reader input is always welcome.  If you have an idea for something you would like to see here, let me know.